20t/d flour mills of nigeria

20t/d flour mills of nigeria is a structured vertically. 20t/d automatic wheat flour mill plant consists of two parts: cleaning and milling.

Cleaning part from a whole wind group and cleaning machine to complete the cleaning of raw grain. The milling part is composed of a high speed mill, a four column outer supporting type powder extracting device, a fan, a wind closing device and a pipeline. The 20-60 T/D flour mill plant has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance and easy operation.
0t/d flour mills of nigeria
Structure of 20t/d flour mills of nigeria
Sifters are set up on the upper part of the mill. Feed stock passes through the sifters, and slides into the mill instead of being pneumatically transported by a blower. This decreases the power consumption while making it easier to operate the machine.
20t/d automatic wheat flour mill plant
Characteristics of 20t/d flour mills of nigeria: 
1. The most simple way to complete the automatic feeding, continuous milling, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers;
2. Conveying by air can decrease dust and improve the working environment.
3. Adopting high speed roller mill, the productivity is improved a lot.
4. Because of adopting three roller-feeding, the flowing is much smoother.
5. Little investment but rapid result. 
6. Easy operation and maintenance, small investment, fast effect, it is the ideal equipment to build up the family fortunes.

This 20t/d automatic wheat flour mill plant is built in nigeria. It adopts the advanced roller mill technology, output product is fine and adjustable flour to match different market requirements.

After sale we supply detailed installation instructions and machine manuals, help client install by himself. Buyer is very satisfied with quality, service and output flour, he already paid for the second order for 20t/d automatic wheat flour mill plant.

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