10T/D Mini Flour Mill Machinery

The 10t/d mini wheat flour mill is the smallest scale wheat flour production line. 10t/d wheat flour milling machinehad been exported to Europe,South East asia ,South America ,africa and other countries and regions. 

10t/d mini wheat flour mill is composed by combined grain cleaning machine, destoner, wheat washer, wheat milling machine, round sieve, fans, airlock, and so on. This set of wheat milling plant can realize wheat sieving, threshing, destining, washing, grinding, and also flour sieving.
10 Ton per Day mini wheat flour mill Process
Wheat Sieving → Threshing → Stone Removing → Washing → Grinding → Flour Sieving → Fine Wheat Flour
The main equipment of 10 ton small scale flour mills production includes flour milling machinery, fan, classifying screen, rotoscalper reel, combination equipment of sift, scourer and destoner, destine and wheat washer, sir-lock, platform scale and portable sewing machine.

10 Ton per Day wheat flour milling machine Process
Dehulling & Degerminating → Crushing → Cleaning → Grinding → Flour Sieving → Fine Maize Flour
The main equipment of 10 ton maize flour milling plant includes bucket elevator, combination cleaner, dehulling and degerminating machinery, crusher, majestic drum, roller mill, round sieve, fan, dust catcher, air lock, control panel, supports, pipes and cables, platform scale & portable sewing machine.

Advantages of 10t/d mini wheat flour mill
The mini wheat milling plant is compact in structure, small in size, easy to install, low in power consumption, high in efficiency, and easy to maintain. This mini wheat milling plant adopts fan for raw material elevating, which saves manpower and labor intensity; adopts round sieve to purify and clarify wheat flour, which is easy to replace the sieve; adopts 2 sets of wheat milling machines to grind bran and wheat core separately, which can guarantee flour quality and output rate.

we can offer a turn key project 10T/H wheat flour mill machinery. Mini flour mill machinery can be divided into four parts: cleanning part, milling part, packing part and controlling part.

Application of 10T mini wheat flour mill machinery:
This mini flour mill machinery applied to the home which has small capacity per day or unstable production,it has the advantages of space saving,low cost and moreover it would achieve"one equipment for all-purpose".

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