10T/24Hrs maize mill plant

The 10T/24H maize mill plant is a complete production line contains all parts, like cleaning system, flour milling system, packing system, controlling system, pipes, and spare parts and so on.

This is the running maize mill plant which installed in CHINGOLA/ZAMBIA and other South Africa Countries.

10T maize mill plant Products variety:
Maize fine flour, maize meal, maize grits, ect.
Maize germ;
Maize bran;
Fodder flour
small scale maize mill plant
This maize mill plant design use the vertical design, top floor is the single sifter, and the ground floor is the roller mill. The cleaning section use combined maize cleaner,which include the maize sifter, destoner, after the cleaning is the water machine, then going to the damper bin, the maize will sleep in the bin for some time, going to the sifter and roller mill.

This is the design of the 10T/D maize mill plant
small scale maize mill plant
It can processing different kind of maize flour according to different market request.
maize mill plant Workshop: (L×W×H):12×6×5m
Maize meal machine Power consumption:30kw

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