Zhongyuan Rollers focus on manufacturing milling equipment, wheat flour mill production line, corn/maize flour mill plant, and the cleaning equipment. And also supply auxiliary equipment. Our main market is Asia, Oceania, South America and Africa.


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  • Electronic balance
    Electronic balance
    Electronic balance mainly used with packaging machine for flour mill plant, mainly can be divided into 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg and etc.
  • Cable for flour mill plant
    Cable for flour mill plant
    Cables are used for a wide range of purposes, and each must be tailored for that purpose.
  • cable bridge
    cable bridge
    Cable Bridge consists of many cables which is composed of center core, plastic jacket, dielectric insulator and metallic shield, and which is a form to finish cables and easy to repair and inspection.
  • Belts for motor
    Belts for motor
    A belt is a loop of flexible material used to link two or more rotating shafts mechanically, most often parallel. V belts are main type of belts used for machinery. Belt generally used with belt pulley
  • Belt pulley,timing belt pulley
    Belt pulley,timing belt pulley
    Belt Pulley is one of wheel hubs and generally designed in large size, manufacturing process has casting and forging. And Belt Pulley is made of casting iron,steel or stainless steel with high mechanical strength.
  • Bearing,ball bearing,roller bearing
    Bearing,ball bearing,roller bearing
    Ball bearing,roller bearing is popular bearing which is a device having an inner and outer race, one or more rows of steel balls.
  • Air Cylinder
    Air Cylinder
    Air Cylinder is also called Pneumatic cylinder is mechanical devices which use the power of compressed gas to produce a force in a reciprocating linear motion.
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