Zhongyuan Rollers focus on manufacturing milling equipment, wheat flour mill production line, corn/maize flour mill plant, and the cleaning equipment. And also supply auxiliary equipment. Our main market is Asia, Oceania, South America and Africa.


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  • Magnetic Separator
    Magnetic Separator
    Magnetic Separator Apply to the nature pressure pipeline, using high intensity magnetic library effectively remove the iron in the material foreign bodies, to ensure the quality of processing, protection equipment.
  • Vertical Air Drafting Duct
    Vertical Air Drafting Duct
    vertical air drafting duct is mainly applied for separating the light impurities in the raw grains, such as shells, empty grains, grass seeds, sand, dust, etc.
  • Air Suction Separator
    Air Suction Separator
    Air Suction Separator is widely used in grain depot, feed mill, rice mill, flour mill and chemical industries for cleaning grain before entering the granary.
  • Pulse Filter
    Pulse Filter
    TBLM series Pulse Filter is widely applied in flour milling machine aspiration system and pneumatic transferring system for separating the dust or materials from the cleaned air.
  • Roots Blower for sale
    Roots Blower for sale
    Roots Blower is a kind of new-technology product which is manufactured based ion long time experience.
  • Air Lock for sale
    Air Lock for sale
    air lock has a casting casing and a rotary wheel inside. The materials are fed from the top inlet and discharged from the bottom outlet through the rotoring wheel.
  • High Pressure Fan
    High Pressure Fan
    High Pressure Fan is mainly used in the pneumatic transmission of flour product line of daily process 150-300 tons wheat.
  • Cover Stretcher
    Cover Stretcher
    Cover Stretcher or sieve cloth stretcher is a dedicated device used to stretch and fix the sieve cloth onto the sieve frames of the plansifter.
  • Wheat Allocated System
    Wheat Allocated System
    Wheat Allocated System,Volume Wheat Proportioner,Wheat Mixer is usually used to mix cereals according to the ratio or supply certain amount of materials. It is a necessary piece of equipment for flour mills.
  • Power control system
    Power control system
    power control system is proper distribution cabinet,for distribution the power of whole plant
  • Packaging machine
    Packaging machine
    This package machine used for flower plant,rice plant,seed plant to make quantitative packing,and also suitable for industries like fodder,food,medicine,chemical etc.
  • Control Console
    Control Console
    Control Console is the power control system or proper distribution cabinet used for distribution the power of whole plant with good characteristics, such as small volume and low-voltage electrical appliances.
  • TDTG mobile hopper bucket elevtor
    TDTG mobile hopper bucket elevtor
    TDG series bucket elevator is made up of a series of hopper fixed by uniform traction in unprovoked, materials be conveyed in vertical state.
  • Screw conveyor
    Screw conveyor
    LSS Screw conveyor system has features of stable performance, simple structure and easy operation. Materials can be collected and distributed anywhere on the processing line. The machine is suited for grain processing plants, animal feed plants and other
  • Noodles Roller
    Noodles Roller
    Noodles roller mainly install in the noodle making machine for tabletting and cutting noodle, and it is necessary piece of noddle making machine. Industrial noodle roller can be divided into noodle cutter roller and instant noodle roller etc.
  • Flour Feed Roller
    Flour Feed Roller
    Flour Feed Roller is usually used with belt pulley drives with metal shafting and less large gears. The newer roller mills had better roller mountings, using belt drive. These rollers could run faster than the earlier gear operated roller mills.
  • Rubber Cracking Roller
    Rubber Cracking Roller
    Rubber Cracking Roller or Flour Mill Rolls are the most important machinery part of any flour mill, which improves the efficiency of your flour mill and reduces the downtime of your flour mill.
  • Plunger Roller
    Plunger Roller
    Plunger Roller or rolls for mill mahcine find application in Roughing and Intermediate mills for rail and structural mills as well as in finishing mills for wire rod and narrow strip mills.
  • Oil Expression Roller
    Oil Expression Roller
    Oil Expression Roller can be manufactured from Alloy Casting Steel,Steel Casting,Investment Cating,Chilled Cast Iron Roll with high mechanical performance for flour milling machine.
  • Transmission Pipeline
    Transmission Pipeline
    According to flour mill plant structure, transmission Pipeline can be designed in different size used for diifferent position.
  • Speed Motor for flour mills
    Speed Motor for flour mills
    Speed Motor can be divided into different power high speed motor, and applied to electric power for flour mills and maize mill plant.
  • Sieve for grinding machine
    Sieve for grinding machine
    A sieve, or sifter, is a device for separating wanted elements from unwanted material or for characterizing the particle size distribution of a sample, typically using a woven screen such as a mesh or net or metal.
  • Replay for mill equipment
    Replay for mill equipment
    A Relay is similar to a Auxiliary contactor,which is used in generally control circuit,specially in PLC for as a Digital input( feedback) or as a Digital out put to Switch on or off a electrical Contactor.
  • Gear for flour mill factory
    Gear for flour mill factory
    Gears almost always produce a change in torque, creating a mechanical advantage, through their gear ratio, and thus may be considered a simple machine.
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