Zhongyuan Rollers focus on manufacturing milling equipment, wheat flour mill production line, corn/maize flour mill plant, and the cleaning equipment. And also supply auxiliary equipment. Our main market is Asia, Oceania, South America and Africa.


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  • Horizontal Wheat Scourer
    Horizontal Wheat Scourer
    horizontal wheat scourer is normally equipped with an aspiration channel or a recycling aspiration channel at its outlet. They can efficiently remove detached hull particles or surface contamination from the grain.
  • Rice Destoner
    Rice Destoner
    TQSF rice destoner make use of the combine effect of wind-force and vibration, to separate the stone in seeds. The husk and other right impurity discharge by the wind power.
  • FSMJ Wheat brusher
    FSMJ Wheat brusher
    FSMJ Wheat brusher is Widely applied in modern flour mills to increase the extraction of flour and help mill.
  • Plane Rotating Sifter
    Plane Rotating Sifter
    Plane Rotating Sifter or Rotary Flat Screen is mainly using planar rotary motion and equipped with corresponding specifications of screen surface to separate impurities from raw grain in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning raw grain.
  • Intensive Dampener
    Intensive Dampener
    Mix Damper or flour mill damper is for wheat flour of wheat cleaning flow of water regulation of main equipment, water wheat water evenly, enhanced bran toughness, reduction of endosperm strength.
  • XMS Wheat Washer
    XMS Wheat Washer
    XMS Wheat Washer is applicable for flour milling machine to remove stones and sands in the wheat cleaning process.
  • TQLZ h-efficient vibrating sifter
    TQLZ h-efficient vibrating sifter
    TQLZ h-efficient vibrating sifter is mainly applied in separating large impurities, small impurities and light impurities from grains according to different sizes between grain and impurities.
  • Magnetic Separator
    Magnetic Separator
    Magnetic Separator Apply to the nature pressure pipeline, using high intensity magnetic library effectively remove the iron in the material foreign bodies, to ensure the quality of processing, protection equipment.
  • Vertical Air Drafting Duct
    Vertical Air Drafting Duct
    vertical air drafting duct is mainly applied for separating the light impurities in the raw grains, such as shells, empty grains, grass seeds, sand, dust, etc.

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