Teff Four Mill machine

Teff Four Mill machine is mainly used in the huge flour project of daily output more than 200 tons, it's also used in the breakage and grinding of other materials.
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Teff Four Mill machine

Teff Four Mill machine also called grinding machine, and flour mills manufacturers,suppliers and exporters in China. This machine is widely used for wheat, maize, corn, teff and bean, which includes flour sifters,grain cleaning equipment, flour flour flilling and other auxiliary equipment.

Teff, or tef, is a cereal grain native to Northeastern Africa and Southwestern Arabia. Although it has been used in Ethiopia in particular for centuries, 
this grain was not widely known in other parts of the world until the late twentieth century, when farmers in the Central United States and 
Australia began to experiment with the grain. A growing demand for alternative grains has made it more readily available, especially in urban areas. 
Typically, health food stores and large grocers stock stock either flour or whole grain types of teff.Diamond Tsunami Model.
Our Teff Flour Milling Machine is J type flour mill. Product specification 800、1000、1250 applied in the flour milling plant with a capacity more than 200TPD.

Teff Four Mill machine features:
1. This machine could be collocated computer automatic control. It could solely control the complete machine and centralized automatic control by long-distance as well, which could be long-distance diagnosed and repaired by connect to LAN or internet.
2. The feeding control system could use pneumatic-coutrol feeding or computer-control frequency conversion feeding.
3. Grinder roller independently supported by clutch structure of eccentric levers, grinder roll independently bear working stress.
4. Lie the grinder roll make the material easy entered grinding area,conveniently disassembled and maintenance.
5. Grinder roll bearing use the self-aligning roller bearing, ensure coaxial precise turning and could bearing high rotating speed and grinder roll operating pressure.
6. Adopt high quality, high alloy and high wearable composite centrifugal grinder roll, steady running and long useful life.
7. High precision rigidity strainer, the useful life of V-belt is longer.
8. Speed roller adopt three wheel speed frame work of tooth wedge belt, big transfer power, not skip tooth, not off tracking, steady running and low noise, there are negative pressure gas suction device of double intakes inside mill chamber, it's not noly optimize feeding state, but also improve the thermal discharge of grinder roll and material.
9. The scraper cleans up roller more completely, long useful life and easy to maintain.
10 The key parts all use the international advanced product.
11. The complete machine is full closure double structure, the surface use the high pressure static spray plastic.
12. The global initial computer automatic test and display, digitally adjust roller space, peerless.
13. The grinder roll of core grinding use global unique laser frost technology, whose useful life is two times than sand-basting grinder roll.
14. Automatically controued by the central control panel.
15. The motor is set within.
16. Automatically broken material bits up feeding to the sieve.
17. It's mainly used in the huge flour project of daily output more than 200 tons, it's also used in the breakage and grinding of other materials.

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teff grinding machine
Teff grinding machine/flour mills technical parameters
Model H 250×1250 H 250×1000 H 250×800 H 250×600
Roller(D*L)(mm) Phi;250×1250 Phi;250×1000 Phi;250×800 Phi;250×600
Roller range (diameter,mm) Φ250 - Φ230
Speed ratio 1.25:1 1.5:1 2:1 2.5:1
Feeding roller speed ratio 2:1 1.4:1 1:1
Power (kw) 5.5 - 30
D of main driving wheel Φ345
Groove of main driving wheel 15N(5V) 4V、5V、6V
Gas pressure(pa) 600000
Outside size(L*W*H)(mm) 2072×1490×1895 1822×1490×1895 1622×1490×1895 1422×1490×1895
Weight(kg) 4100 3300 3000 2700

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