Pulse Filter

TBLM series Pulse Filter is widely applied in flour milling machine aspiration system and pneumatic transferring system for separating the dust or materials from the cleaned air.
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Pulse Filter

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Pulse Filter or Low pressure jet filter is used in the big and medium scale flour milling factory for wind transporting, dedusting, filtering, floating flour reclaiming.

Principle of Low Pressure Jet Filter:
The low pressure jet filter has a round body comprised of three parts: top air tank, middle body and bottom part. Filters are fixed on the top part and hung on the middle part. The dusty air is aspirated into the machine tangently from the inlet which is normal on the middle body. The air goes through the filter cloth while most of the dust adheres to the outside of filters. Pumping air puffs the filters and adhered dust is shaken away from the filters. Dust falls down to the bottom and then is collected and discharged from the bottom. The clean air goes out from the air outlet which is equipped on the top part.

Application of TBLM Series Low Pressure Jet Filter:
1. TBLM series low pressure jet filter is widely applied in flour milling machine aspiration system and pneumatic transferring system for separating the dust or materials from the cleaned air.
2. Wildly applied in feed mills, rice mills and other grain processing plant mills for the same use.
3. Can also be used in the blowing line as a discharge equipment.

Features of Low Pressure Jet Filter:
1.Advanced design and excellent fabricating.
2.Tangent air inlet design can separate bigger dust particles, reduce the load of the filters.
3. With step motor controller and digital control meter, easy to initialize the pumping length and interval. 2 or 3 filters are controlled together as one unit.

This series of filter is improved on the same kind of products, which is made of filter bag. It has the following characters:
1.The body is of cylinder shape, good intension and rigidity, and low voise. 
2.Tangent and centrifugal material feeding, which makes partial powder dust slide along inside wall, thus the load of filter bag is decreased.
3. DLB cascade pump is dust-elimination air resource. No oil or water inside compressed air. Which enables extend life of the gas components, reduce trouble, improve bag-blocking condition and less pollution for the powder dust. Likewise, safety factor is increased with lower pressure.
4. large wind volume dealt. This machine is widely used for separation of gas and dust under 80。C. It is suitable for the industry of food, grain, medicine and sanitation.

TBLM-78. TBLM-104. TBLM-130. (Specification of the cloth canister: 1m, 1.8m, 2.4m)

The pulse filter is a kind of bag file that uses fabric (filter bags) and pulses of compressed air to remove dust, and it has a large filtering area. So ,its perfectly for fine dust, and it is the preferred device for secondary.

Pulse filter technical data
Type Square of Filter (m²) Bags of Filter Bags of Filter(mm) Air Volume (m³/h) Power(kw)
TBLM 78 57.5 78 2000 9500~ 13150 1.1
TBLM104 76.5 104   13000~17300 1.5
TBLM 130 96.5 130 2000 16000~ 22200 1.5

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