FSMJ Wheat brusher

FSMJ Wheat brusher is Widely applied in modern flour mills to increase the extraction of flour and help mill.
product description

FSMJ Wheat brusher

FSMJ wheat brusher or Wheat cleaning machine is used for the flour factory mainly, cleaning the wheat and other particle, ash at the surface. Remove the skin and wheat germ. The machine is adopt cylinder 360 degree, so it has high efficient for separator. 
Simple structure,flexible and lightness,operation convenience and effective process etc feature.

Application of wheat brusher
1.Widely applied in modern flour mills to increase the extraction of flour and help mill.
2.Two machine size for different capacity. Three installation types are available: left-hand, right-hand, twin.

Feature of wheat brusher 
1.Advanced design and excellent fabricating.
2.Efficiency cleaning processing by means of 360° sieve cylinder.
3.Compact structure.
4.High wheat surface cleaning efficiency.
5.Trouble free operation and easy maintenance.
6.Statically balanced rotor ensures able performance and noiseless working condition,Dynamically balanced rotor ensures smooth running.
7.High material grading efficiency by means of special sheet metal and high holes area.
8.The rotor’s beaters are adjustable.
9.Different screen perforated openings for different requirements.
10.Cleaning the bran and get commercially usable flour.
11.Individual drive with lower power requirement.

FSMJ Wheat Scourer main technical data
Parameter and Type Type of barrel Distance of surface and barrel mm Speed of main shaft rpm Power Kw Capacity t/h Weight Kg Size length* width* high mm
Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
FSMJ 40×100 400 975 ≥15 840 7.5 3.5~8.5 500 1720×693×1500
FSMJ 2×40×100 400 975 ≥15 840 7.5×2 7~17 990 1720×1165×1500
FSMJ 2×40×120 400 1175 ≥15 840 7.5×2 10~20 1100 1920×1165×1500

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